Holdenwater is an international, award-winning water architectural and engineering firm that collaborates with architectural design professionals, developers, builders and commercial property owners on various levels of service to enhance a wide range of water environments. Its founder, Mark Holden, structured services that allow project teams to obtain agency building permits and comparative contractor bidding to avoid design/build scenarios that can lead to undesirable situations during and after construction.

Besides being an industry leader in their field, Holdenwater has been published in AD Magazine, The Robb Report, Christie's Great Estates and countless other publications for their achievements. The entire team has also assisted in many educational environments including UCLA, Tuscany Italy, Cal-Poly Pomona, and many water industry educational sessions. Awards for project accomplishments have come from AIA, ASLA, U.S. Green Building Council, LABC, WUF and other entities.

Comprehensive design documentation should navigate construction. Water elements deserve to have the level of design programming as any other aspect of a project. This process of detailed specifications and quality control over the build process is essential for a healthier deliverable. Project navigation should be in the hands of the ownership/design team, and Holdenwater documentation allows for an informed perspective for the team to make crucial decisions.

Another trending goal for the firm is to procure and specify cutting-edge products that address the ever-growing demand for environmentally friendly and energy efficient answers to our global sensitivity and to reduce our carbon footprint. These solutions help projects obtain their goal-state for accreditation and benefits. This ongoing effort is on Holdenwater's prime R&D list.